Re-Initializing Reiki

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The world is changing, you have changed, and even the energies of Reiki have changed. With insight from the principle guides and angels that encompass Reiki, Norma assists you to update your personal connection to Reiki and other healing guides.

These meditations can be repeated to continue to update your connection to your guides and to Reiki as our world, and the energies of Reiki, continue to change.

We tend to shut down connections to energies that are not in tune with us. That includes guides and angels that reflect who we were in the past, and what we needed, in the past. This series of meditations allows you to update your energetic connection to Reiki at any level within your own lineage.

What do you receive?
You will have the opportunity to clear out old energies related to past teachers or uncomfortable experiences. As you do so, a new vibrant connection is made between you and your guides and the new quality of Reiki that is now available. As a result you will be able to open yourself more fully to your own guidance, and your own Reiki guides. These guides will always lovingly support you in expressing the new light of Reiki.

How does this process work?
This process has been structured by the guides that encompass the intelligence and healing energy we call Reiki. The Reiki guides are asked to be present and reflect the current moment in time and your soul. They will present themselves slightly differently each time. As you change, they will adapt. These meditations can be repeated to continue to update your connection to your guides and to Reiki as our world, and the energies of Reiki, continue to change.

Let Your Connection to Reiki reflect Who You are Now,
and How Reiki is Now



Start by taking a 'Before Picture'. Notice your level of mind chatter, feel your physical body aches and pains, and sense the quality of energy around you and in the room itself. Now select a video and relax. At the end of the video, take an 'After Picture'. Is there a change in your mind chatter, physical body or how you perceive the energies around you or in the room?

1. A Song for Reflection (Heaven and Earth)

"When we know Heaven and Earth as reflections of each other, we cease to desire to shape either to our personal will. Rather, a space deep inside our heart knows itself as the weaver of both worlds. There is no fixing, no accommodating. There is what fits. Love fits."
-from Mary, through Norma

2. Why Ground?

Our ability to commune with Spirit opens tremendously when our lower energies are able to more fully engage with Spirit. When our guides and angels are able to communicate with us through our lower chakras what we hear, see and experience is different. We are able to receive a much fuller understanding of what they are trying to communicate to us.

For this reason I offer a series of meditations to help you open and ground the lower chakras. Some of this includes establishing, or perhaps better to say, remembering, energetic connections to the Earth, to Gaia, and to the Pure Energy of Nature that are only now again becoming available to us. Completing these meditations before connecting consciously with your guides and angels allows the connection that you create with them to be stronger and clearer.

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I have always seen auras. After completing my training in music (Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Voice), I began to explore how to let my guides (usually Archangel Michael, Mary or the Hathor named Atamira) lay their energies into my voice as I sang and spoke. The result is what I call Sound Shamanism.

I have recorded over 60 albums of healing music and meditations, and have been published in magazines as diverse as The Huffington Post, Early Music America, Sedona Journal of Emergence and the Toronto Star Newspaper. I now offer online courses in Sacred Chant, Music, Healing, Energy Awareness, Reiki, and Spirituality. Private Healing Sessions are available by phone or Skype. I use the medieval chants of Hildegard von Bingen to help people enter into deep meditation during live Meditation Concerts and might be coming to a city near you. Have a look and listen for yourself at my website


This course Includes a coupon for 10% off a
Private Healing Session with Norma

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How is this course shared?
This course is shared using online videos, downloadable audio meditations, PDFs and best of all a series of Norma’s songs for meditation and healing.

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  What is Reinitializing Reiki?
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After enrolling, you have access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. New content may continue to be added. You will be notified of updated information using the email address you provide during enrollment.
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
Can I repeat a meditation or video?
Yes! These meditations can be repeated to continue to update your connection to your guides and to Reiki as our world, and the energies of Reiki, continue to change.
If I have a question, what should I do?
Join the FaceBook Page and post your insights, ideas and questions. The FB page link is given inside the course materials
I love the songs - can I get them to listen to outside of the class?
Yes! All the songs and spoken meditations are downloadable, so you can carry them with you just like all of your music.

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