General Information

Norma Gentile

General Information

How to enroll in this course
There is a general enrollment for the Healing Chants School, and another enrollment for individual courses.

FaceBook Group Page
After signing up for this course, please join the course’s private FaceBook Group Page. Here you are welcome to post your experiences on the course, and exchange in Q & A with other participants. I will lightly monitor the page, and may answer ongoing discussions from time to time.

This page is open only to those who have enrolled in this course. After enrolling, go to this FaceBook Group Page and ask to be admitted. It may take a day or two to process your request, so feel free to join the page before you take the course.

The Facebook link is:

Supplementary Resources and Notes
Each section has a list of links to external websites, books and articles. They appear at the bottom of the online text (and its mirror PDF).

Downloadable Supplementary Materials (PDFs and mp3s)
Whenever possible I have included notes in the webpage courses themselves. Some of these notes are longer and you may want to read them or share them with others. Some of the notes may have information you want to have on hand when you aren’t signed into the course. For these reasons I have attached PDF versions for some of the videos that you can download and save.

In my experience people move more deeply into a state of meditation when not in front of a computer or mobile screen. Please enjoy listening to the music and meditations away from your computer. Let yourself treat these as times of deep meditation.

On Sharing this Course with Others
I want the ideas and energies of change that I am offering to move out into our world. At the same time I must honor that in order to maintain my physical body and provide you with these ideas and energies I must interface with a modern society that is (at this point in time)is based on exchanging energy in the form of money.

Please do share what you are experiencing in this course with others in your personal and online social media world, giving credit appropriately.

More FAQ’s
This section will be added to as needed. Please check out the FaceBook Group Page, designed for course participants, for current discussions and topics.

Suggestions for Taking this Course
Ideally you can set aside time to watch the videos and engage with the energies when it feels right to you. Plan to be in a space where you can be quiet and alone. You may feel ‘something’ continuing to shift and change for several days after participating in these meditations. You can go back and re-do all or any portions of the course as it feels right to you to do so.

Be sure to give yourself time to move out of a meditation state and back into worldly functioning state after watching the meditation videos. Remember: larger guides and angels that have never been in a human body do not know what a traffic light means! Nor are they very good at cooking a meal. So while we are inviting them in for healing purposes during these meditations, be sure to spend focused time releasing them before you move out of Sacred Space and back into daily life; and that includes going to sleep.

Why are some sections more informational and others more meditative?
I use several ways of conveying experiences. One type is primarily informational, another is meditative. During the meditation videos (or mp3s) you will want to be comfortable. During these times your guides and angels will connect with the larger Reiki guides and Archangel Michael in order to share with you both the concepts and actual energies of healing and the new light of Reiki.

The informational videos or reading material (such as this one) also provide a time for your guides to commune with you. Please be aware that sensations, emotions and thoughts may arise as a result of their interactions with you, even during seemingly ‘non-spiritual’ moments.

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