How to Use this Course

LISTEN to this or READ below


Give the material your contemplative and complete attention in a quiet space

Do not drive while listening to any of the meditations
Do not use alcohol, marijuana or opioids while reviewing this material.

These are meditations. Even the ‘left-brain’ written material offers your guides a chance to connect more profoundly with you. Whether I sing, speak or write, I know that spiritual energies are laid into my means of communication. As you (literally) commune with these energies while reading or listening, there are opportunities for change to occur.

You may not realize it yet, but your guides and angels are already hard at work. Oftentimes changes happen that we don’t become aware of for weeks or even months after engaging in a spiritual endeavor. Just because our personality doesn’t notice something doesn’t mean that Spirit isn’t at work! Our personality often misses the gentle impulses of Spirit. So please, no distracted driving while on this spiritual highway!

Give Spirit your full attention by giving this material your undivided attention.

Do not drive or attempt to multi-task while engaged with this material.

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