Do I need to repeat this? If so, how often?

This meditation is like taking your car in for an oil change. You don’t need to do it constantly, but from time to time there may be a build up of energies and you will feel better with a good clearing and fresh connections to your guides and angels. Some of the meditations can be incorporated into your regular spiritual practice. For example, after completing the course many people use the grounding meditations regularly as a means of entering into deeper meditation time for themselves.

After completing the course you can review and update many connections on your own.

For example, as you enter into a time of meditation or healing take a moment and ask your guides and angels if your connection to them reflects who you are now, and how best they can connect to you right now, in current time. Every so often you may get a sense that something has changed, and it is appropriate to honor that by reviewing the course meditations. Continuing to update Spiritual connections on a regular basis is simple, and creates greater ease in your life.

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