Welcome! Thank you for participating in this process of learning, healing and spiritual inquiry. This online course will continue to grow each week, for 4 weeks, as new ideas and meditations are added. In this way your guides and angels will be working with you in an ongoing fashion to reorient those aspects of beliefs, emotions and habits that you are ready to change.

This will update not just your connection to Reiki and your healing guides but also your overall connection to your Spiritual Support Staff. My sense is that this will allow shifts to happen throughout your life, in accordance with the journey that your soul and body desire to have right now on Earth.

From time to time I will post additional content online as it is birthed, so do look around, and be aware that new content is apt to appear.

I welcome your feedback! Tell me what you want, what you find useful, and what is unclear. I anticipate adding as well as changing content based on the FAQs and feedback so that the material is as clear and engaging as possible. Hence adding new material from time to time.

I have setup a page for us on FaceBook, so please come over and ask to join. I look forward to our adventure together.

Many Blessings to You,


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