Healing (more than) the Tip of the Iceberg

This is a meditation video, meant to provide new thoughts around what healing means to you, while creating a time for you to step into reflection and sacredness. 

This video includes the song O what a miracle is the Divine Heart that foretells all Creation,from my album “Healing Chants”. It was written in Latin by the medieval abbess and seer St Hildegard of Bingen. This song encourages you to let go of having to ‘figure it all out’, and instead slip into a deep state of reflection. As you watch this video, relax, and allow my words and singing to bathe you in Sacredness.

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Healing (more than) the Tip of the Iceberg

As a psychic energy healer and sound shaman, I am keenly aware that when it comes to treating illness, our Western society values quick results more than entering into the process of deep transformational healing. 

Music is one doorway into transformation. What if the symptoms we feel, of disease or emotions, or around a difficult situation, are merely the tip of a larger issue?

What if the symptoms we feel are the tangible or visible portion of a larger issue?

We often assume that if we address the visible symptoms of physical pain, disease, difficult emotions or a challenging life issue that the underlying cause will also go away.

But it doesn’t.   Healing rarely works that way!

When we feel something needs healing, we often try to fix it.  

  • We send it Reiki, 
  •  or put essential oils on it, 
  •  or repeat affirmations, 
  •  or ask for prayers to help us behave differently 
  •  or energy to make us happier 
  •  or have better outcomes in life…

These can all be helpful, but if we are merely trying to fix something, the underlying cause is seldom addressed.

I have learned from experience that what we feel is wrong is usually just the tip of what is out of balance.

We can’t just lop off the tip of the iceberg without impaling ourselves, eventually, on the remaining portion of the iceberg.

The much larger submerged portion of the iceberg represents the energetic causal patterns of the issue we seek to change.  Without removing these underlying patterns, the visible symptoms will return…sometimes as the same issue,  sometimes as a new one.

Your soul incarnated in order to experience Life, and carry that experience back to your larger Soul. How much effort (over perhaps many lifetimes) has your Soul dedicated to creating the very issue that you now want to avoid addressing?

By removing the tip of the iceberg you might be denying yourself, and your soul, an opportunity to heal the deeper causal issues of the visible symptoms.

When we fix the part of the issue that we feel, without looking deeply into its cause, it is as if we remove the tip from our view. We feel better, but now it is much harder to locate the rest of the pattern in order to heal it. The feedback we receive from pain, emotional discomfort or just feeling odd prompts us to notice our choices and the results of those choices.

Healing can happen  
 in a way that honors your body’s preference to be free of pain.

Healing will happen  
while learning the lessons and deepening into the wisdom your Soul seeks in this life.

May healing happen
in whatever way that allows your Soul and Body to embrace each other more and more fully.

The Song is: O What a Miracle  (O quam Mirabilis)
from Healing Chants (v.1) sung by Norma Gentile
Available to Stream and at Apple Music / Amazon / HealingChants.com

Original Iceberg Picture: http://hdwpro.com/iceberg.html

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