Invoking Sacred Space with a Song (read this first)

HERE IS A MUSICAL INVOCATION OF SACRED SPACE. As I sing, I invite the Nature Sphere, tuned to Nature’s concept of unconditional love, and Archangel Michael’s energetic tube, moving through all the dimensions of our reality to be present. Close your eyes, and simply allow yourself to receive and feel the support offered by Nature and the Angelic Realms.

THE OPENING GRAPHICS OF THE VIDEO provide an idea of the sacred geometries invoked during the song by Nature and Archangel Michael. There is no test, and you need not memorize them! Some people are simply enjoy this sort of left-brain information. As the song begins,let yourself move into the meditation and have your own experience.

YOU CAN PAUSE THE VIDEO or replay the song to enter into a longer time of meditation.

BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE MEDITATION with Norma's release of those elements you have consciously invited into Sacred Space. These include Archangel Michael, Nature, and any guides or angels you may have welcomed into a deeper conscious connection.

REMEMBER: Entering and Leaving Sacred Space is like a set of parenthesis (you can't have just one). Just as we enter into Sacred Space with a time of setting our purpose and intention, we must also exit out of Sacred Space with an equally focused time of gratitude and release. Doing both creates a set of energetic parenthesis that builds a container around the energies generated during our time in Sacred Space.

THE SONG YOU HEAR IN THIS VIDEO is The 3 Beauties Create a Sacred Sphere, from Norma's album Songs of Spirit: live sound healings. It is available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and her own website.

PORTIONS OF THIS VIDEO appear in Norma's online course Reinitializing Reiki

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