Why am I sharing this information now?

After years of teaching Energy (Pranic) Healing and sharing the MerKaBa Meditation with individuals, I decided to create an online course including Advanced Uses of the MerKaBa (with a summary of the original meditation as taught to me by Drunvalo Melchizedek) and newly emerging energy meditations for healing and Pranic Nourishment. I have found that most people benefit from using this combination of meditations regularly. They assist with clearing the aura, setting and maintaining boundaries, and generally helping people feel more stable and secure in their life. 

The Pranic meditations relate to nourishing and energizing ourselves from Nature, the Sun, and spiritual energies. These two sets of meditations (MerKaBa & Prana) are intertwined. The MerKaBa reflects the quality of our heart, and how we link our heart down into our body center (our navel) and up into our mental center. These centers are primarily responsible for allowing or repelling energies from the outside world to interact with us. Hence, we draw to ourselves what is in resonance with our MerKaBa, and process these energies into our pranic tube through our chakras and pranic spheres.

Lately, I have noticed that I am using the MerKaBa and Pranic Meditations on a daily basis. After some intuitive inquiry, I realize that I feel much better when I use these meditations to reset my energies after being exposed to the multitude of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF's) that I encounter. I believe that combining the original left-brain version of the MerKaBa Meditation with new insights about our body's Energy/Pranic system of healing and nourishment can be of significant value at this time. No matter where you live, our physical world appears to be less in balance with our physical bodies. Learning to 'see' and 'feel' beyond the surface, into the deeper unaffected energies of the Earth, Sun and Spiritual realms brings our bodies and lives into balance.  

Being that I am a trained singer, energy healer and channeler, this course was developed with the assistance of my guides;  Archangel Michael, Mary, Thoth and the Hathor Atamira.It includes videos, graphics, spoken audio insights and healing meditations with songs. Much of it is downloadable, so you can listen wherever and whenever you desire. 

Let me share a note about Electro-Magnetic Fields and RadioFrequencies: 

With the spread of artificial electromagnetic fields (Wi-Fi, cell towers, LED light bulbs, flat screen TVs, SmartMeters, computers, mobile devices) our MerKaBa and personal aura are constantly receiving outside input which, over time, can miss-tune our personal energies. For example, the type of pulsed RadioFrequencies used by SmartMeters tells the MerKaBa to spin in the reverse direction of what is healthy. 

These are some of the reasons I decided to create an online course to make the MerKaBa Meditation and Pranic Nourishment Meditations available to everyone, not just those who work individually with me in Private Sessions.

Doing these meditations daily can help to re-stabilize the MerKaba, correct it’s spin, and create firmer boundaries in the aura. This allows your aura to receive and retain prana/energy that truly nourishes your body and life.

The MerKaBa Meditation in this course is the original (left-brain) version. It is based on the many years I studied and worked alongside Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is not meant as a replacement for his books and materials. For those seeking more in-depth information, please see his two books, The Flower of Life (vol 1 & 2).

The meditations for Energy/Pranic Nourishment are based on my experience working alongside the Breatharian Elitom El-Amin. Elitom has been living on prank, without needing food or water, for nearly 20 years. There is an informal workshop recording available to download (or as CDs)  here of a workshop we taught together.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in this course. 

For those interested in a Private Healing Session with me, read more and sign up here

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