How do you Learn?

Norma Gentile


Everyone learns in their own manner of interacting with educational and experiential activities. I notice that sometimes my lifestyle creates time that can be used for reading but not listening, and vise versa. While this course includes videos (that can be viewed on your computer or mobile devices) I am also including written texts, PDFs and downloadable mp3 audio recordings for much of the material.

In this way you can review the knowledge points in whatever manner of learning suits you and is most easily available to you. Some of the PDFs are stand-alone, with no video or audio and must be read. Other PDFs reflect the spoken audio in the videos and also appear as text on the webpage.

I am also providing the audio recordings of the videos so that you might listen to the meditation portions and music while away from your screens, perhaps in meditation or while resting and lying down.

Some of this online course creation is new to me and I welcome your feedback about what formats you want to receive. By using online video as a principle component I hope to make your experience informative while offering healing meditations that are easily accessible to everyone.

Please let me know what you find most useful. I anticipate tweaking, adding to and adjusting the course based on your feedback. And it helps me provide materials that are highly accessible and useable for future courses.

My best to you,


Norma Gentile

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